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Demo: Watch How REP Helps You Evaluate Your Building Portfolio’s Emissions and Financial Risk In Just Minutes.

Published May 8, 2024
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By Matt McKillen Director of Product
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Launched in 2022 with 33 inaugural jurisdictional participants, The National Building Performance Standards (BPS) Coalition has grown to a total of 46 state and local governments.  Their aim? Improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions or face regulatory fines. The rapid adoption of BPS can catch many building owners off guard, especially those with properties in multiple states or cities. And the financial stakes are high; potential fines for non-compliance can reach into the millions, affecting even small to medium-sized portfolios.

At NZero, we’ve worked with various climate-based consultancies and property owners, so we’ve seen first hand the widespread lack of financial planning for these fines. The cost of being unprepared for upcoming regulations, both in budgeting for potential penalties and taking proactive compliance measures, poses a severe risk to any business’ future financial health. As BPS programs continue to roll out nationwide, having full visibility into these regulatory impacts is more crucial than ever.

This is exactly why we developed the Rapid Emission Profile (REP) tool, to keep you ahead of potential financial risks and ensure your properties comply with current and future standards.

Tour NZero's Rapid Emissions Profile HERE

NZero’s Rapid Emission Profile tool offers a lightweight, efficient and user-friendly method to evaluate your entire building portfolio in just minutes. REP simplifies the assessment process through a platform that turns raw data into strategic assets, using advanced AI and machine learning technologies to provide actionable insights.  

After a simple upload of readily available building data, you’ll receive detailed analyses of your entire portfolio with a breakdown of:

  1. Compliance risks across multiple jurisdictions
  2. Potential financial penalties for individual buildings and your overall portfolio
  3. Required efficiency/carbon reduction to bring buildings into compliance
  4. Individual building performances against EnergyStar benchmarks

These critical insights provide a foundation for a thorough understanding of the financial risks and overall performance of your portfolio, so you can take your initial planning one step further by identifying high-value, low-cost mitigation solutions and pinpoint critical retrofit projects that will require long-term budgeting and capital planning.

Director of Product Matt McKillen tours NZero's Rapid Emission Profile. To watch, go here.

“Even with an ideal building performance policy design, many stakeholders will have concerns about the policy or will remain unaware of its existence until the first deadlines approach. The latter is particularly problematic since building improvements often require advance planning in order to be cost-effective.”


Institute for Market Transformation x Building Energy Exchange

Building Performance Hubs Accelerating the High-Performance Transition

In today’s regulatory environment, staying ahead isn't just about meeting standards, it's about optimizing performance and leveraging opportunities to minimize financial risks. By offering precise, actionable insights, REP enables you to not only understand but also proactively manage the complexities and risks of Building Performance Standards.

Ready to transform the way you manage your building portfolio? Sign up for a free trial of REP today and start turning regulatory requirements into opportunities for growth and sustainability. 

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