In Partnership with nZero, Town of Truckee Launches Public Portal to Track Carbon Emissions 24/7

Published Oct 4, 2022
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Powered by 24/7 carbon management platform nZero, this portal will give residents and policy decision-makers transparency into the Town’s carbon emissions to allow for more accurate sustainability goal tracking and reporting

TRUCKEE, California, Oct. 4, 2022 – The Town of Truckee and nZero, the 24/7 carbon management platform that tracks and operationalizes energy, financial and greenhouse gas emissions data to help organizations reach climate change goals, today announced the launch of a public portal that comprehensively and accurately captures and monitors the Town of Truckee’s carbon footprint. Now available to the public, as well as to policy-makers within the Town, this platform has the ability to record granular data for Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions for carbon output from Town buildings, public utilities, meters, vehicle fleets, and more. With this powerful knowledge, the Town of Truckee and its Keep Truckee Green division will be equipped to identify blind spots in emissions management and identify opportunities to make more sustainable choices.

The Truckee emissions public portal can be viewed here:

The Town is looking forward to this major enhancement to its current sustainability measures, as this 24/7 tracking will help leaders to understand how usage patterns change throughout the course of a day, month or season and offer a comprehensive view of Truckee’s operational carbon footprint with the greatest accuracy and efficiency possible. Equipped with this incredibly accurate data, the Town is further empowered in its efforts towards their specific carbon reduction goals of reaching 100% renewable electricity town-wide by 2030, reducing gHg emissions 80% below their 2008 baseline by 2040, and achieving 100% renewable energy community wide by 2050. With nZero’s detailed data, the Town is able to take more aggressive action in implementing meaningful change to move forward those existing sustainability goals within their agenda, as well as identify new points of improvement for cost and carbon efficiency.

“Our community is incredibly engaged and educated on these matters and we’re very excited to be responding to their desires to be involved and informed in these measures by providing a public portal,” said Mayor of Truckee Courtney Henderson. “Truckee’s climate goals are ambitious but absolutely can be achieved if informed by accurate measurements. The detailed data provided by nZero will directly influence the policies and programs we create and provide meaningful information to drive our endeavor to be a leader in environmental sustainability. This tool will also provide greater transparency, accountability and connection with our community. We hope this public portal is used for broader discussions about whether we are making the right investments and decisions for our future and can support the development of creative programs that fit our unique mountain town.”

Nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California, Truckee’s environmental assets, and reputation as a year round hub for outdoor activities, makes it a particularly special place that both policy makers and the community are passionate about preserving. Furthermore, the Town of Truckee staff and council are invested in climate action and protecting the planet for future generations. The Truckee Town Council has made the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions one of their top priorities and recognizes that sustainable operations are paramount to this initiative. With its recent success in shifting all town vehicles from fossil fuel diesel to renewable diesel, as well as employing other methods such as the installation of photovoltaic systems and solar street lights, as well as the ongoing adoption of renewable energy provided by the Truckee Donner Public Utility District, Truckee has already made strides forward in various municipal emission reduction initiatives that will lead to more climate-friendly operations.

“We celebrate Truckee’s dedication to transparency and climate action and their desire to bring their constituents in on this journey towards a more sustainable community,” said Adam Kramer, CEO of nZero. “In a town like Truckee that is celebrated for its uniquely beautiful natural surroundings, protecting the planet and reducing emissions is incredibly important to its people, both personally and financially. With the unmatched accuracy of nZero’s technology, Truckee’s leaders will be able to validate their decisions to inform funding allocation and next steps to keep Truckee thriving.”

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About the Town of Truckee

Truckee is governed by a Council – Manager form of government. Citizens elect five local individuals to serve as our Town Council who will serve four year, overlapping terms. The current Truckee Town Council developed five priorities for 2021/2022 which guide the work of the Town staff over the two years. These priorities include actively supporting the development of workforce housing, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and becoming a leader in environmental sustainability, enhancing communication and public outreach to facilitate community cohesion, investing in key infrastructure and community connectivity, including the new library, bike trails, and transit alternatives, and engaging in partnerships and investments to drive emergency preparedness.