Build & communicate your net zero plan

nZero is a real-time carbon data and sustainability platform that gives organizations, NGOs, and governments the insights they need to make data driven decisions.
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nZero is


24/7, on-demand visibility empowers your team to focus on action, not data gathering and uploading.

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Historical data capture

Our team works with you to upload historical data, so you can finally have a complete view of your carbon reduction journey.

Sync and automate emissions points

We use your data to understand your business and its unique carbon footprint by automating data streams to make your team more efficient.

Focus on action, not data pulling

Automation means you can stop manually updating spreadsheets and focus on what matters: carbon reduction.

nZero is


Actual data – not averages – provide hourly insights and a complete view of your carbon footprint.

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First-party not average third-party data

Unlike competitors, we provide your team the best available data, for an accurate and complete view of your carbon footprint.

Reporting down to the hourly level

We normalize and restructure your energy data into hourly blocks, providing a clear picture of your renewable energy mix and energy consumption.

Scopes 1, 2, and 3

We work with you to capture, track and manage your entire carbon footprint – inclusive of Scope 3 – which can be up to 95% of your overall emissions.

nZero is


Transparency and confidence with audit–ready ESG reports 100% compliant with the GHG Protocol

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Accurate and downloadable reports

Create audit-ready reports with ease and engage stakeholders regularly on your carbon reduction strategies.

100% compliant ESG reports

Built with the intention to align with the GHG Protocol. Reporting consistent with: TCFD, GRESB, CDP, SASB and GRI.

Avoid greenwashing

Regulators, investors, and customers are demanding organizations stop using outdated averages. Our data safeguards against inaccurate reporting and empowers your team to confidently build and communicate your carbon initiatives. Know how and where to tell your sustainability story.

How nZero works

Full visibility into your carbon footprint

Scope 1
Stationary fuel
Automates your data collection and instantly calculate your carbon impacts.
Scope 2
Purchased electricity
Tracks thousands of data points on 24/7 energy use, providing you hourly insights.
Scope 3
Upstream and downstream activities
Looks upstream and downstream to calculate your carbon, water, and waste impacts.

Build your net zero plan
with confidence

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