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Net zero has a new standard
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Welcome to the New NZero

Published February 9, 2024
Headshot of EVP, Marketing and Communication
By Kevin Nabipour EVP, Marketing and Communication
A new standard. A new direction.

“The truth, badly expressed, is a lie.” 

Stephen Fry

Sometimes having a product powered by technology that outpaces the category and a set of compelling use cases aren’t enough. Without a persuasive, distinct and compelling vision and story that is resonant and repeatable, across an organization and beyond it, your value won’t be believed.

If you’ve entered the NZero website on or after February 9, 2024 you will have visited a newly enhanced brand experience we believe is worthy of the sophistication and impact our technology delivers and that our present moment requires. 

In the climate space an overriding tension exists between the scope of the problem and the nature of our response. Even amidst dire forecasts, we are generally small in our thinking, slow in our action and incomplete in our approach. So our enemy is not a growing collection of competitors in a nascent carbon accounting category. It is the scale at which bad data and inadequate tooling sacrifice clarity; how a lack of emissions transparency compromises stakeholder trust; how a culture of unaccountability stalls net-zero progress, restricts our imagination, dilutes our confidence and jeopardizes resolve. With a flood of emissions disclosure regulations soon to take effect, strong leadership and bold action are needed now more than ever.

What a time to be NZero.

The truth is that climate change is changing more than the planet; it’s changing us. Daunting as it is, we see a future brimming with promise – fueled by a revolution in automated data capture, machine-learning and scenario modeling, we’re proving that cutting-edge sustainability technology can produce decarbonization recommendations that are stunningly precise, and go beyond our human limitations. Delivering this insight into the expert hands on the frontlines to press them into service is how data granularity and accuracy merge into impactful decarbonization planning and execution. It is what can make achieving net zero a real possibility. It is what changes minds and inspires people and organizations across the country to do what is needed when it’s needed the most. It is our story. 

At NZero, city and state governments already trust our platform to help decarbonize their operations and deliver cost savings alongside emissions reductions. Some of the largest climate consulting practices already rely on NZero as a crucial instrument to inform their own sustainability offerings for the public sector and Fortune 500 businesses. And enterprises themselves – under a siege of risks to their physical infrastructure, financial security and reputation – have seen the impact of our platform in securing public funding or investing in their own positive-ROI decarbonization projects that not only comply with legislative requirements and building standards but reduce their environmental footprint quickly and effectively.

We're not a climate accounting company. We're a climate accountability company.

Today we announce what is true but never said: we’re not a carbon accounting company, we’re a climate accountability company. And we operationalize the most sophisticated real-time data and decarbonization platform on the market today to help sustainability leaders bring emissions data into focus, commitments to life and a carbon ROI you can actually quantify. 

Net zero has a new standard. Welcome to the new NZero.

For sustainability leaders, by sustainability leaders.