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Net zero has a new standard
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Transform the environment and your business.

NZero’s industry-leading data and decarbonization platform helps Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) bring planning, risk avoidance, and peace of mind to the built environment in ways that scale to the size and scope of the challenge.

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A trusted platform powering a profitable path to net zero.

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Legislative headwinds. Stakeholder pressure. Risks associated with infrastructure due to climate. Mounting costs. Today, the cost of carbon is no longer a faraway problem for a future generation: it is the urgent crisis of our current times. And the transition to affordable, renewable energy is no longer just an option, it’s the only solution. 

The carbon accounting industry still manually aggregates data and calculates emissions using outdated averages, yielding error rates of more than 25%. 

NZero automates the ingestion of energy consumption data by the hour, by asset, then enriches and standardizes it to bring emissions and costs for all scopes and across an entire building portfolio seamlessly into view. View building performance and real-time emissions tracking with GHG Protocol compliant data.

Without higher granularity meter data, retrofit recommendations and capital investments may not deliver against the cost or carbon emissions reductions goals stakeholders expect and ESCOs demand.

NZero’s platform uses advanced algorithms and proprietary simulation methods to produce tailored retrofit effect predictions more accurately than anything else on the market. Access automated energy audits using our generative AI modeling.

With NZero, GHG reporting is built-in to our core platform – saving you time and money and ensuring an audit-ready data trail is available when you need it. Easily export reports aligned with global standards, such as TCFD, GRESB, CDP, SASB and GRI, for compliance, financial and risk reporting requirements. Trust in the platform that is SOC 2 Type 1 and 2 and ISO 27001 compliant.

Our team of environmental, data and policy experts, and network of trusted partners help ensure data accuracy, confirm eligibility for Federal and State tax and financial incentives, set reduction targets and select the most impactful interventions. Start driving down energy consumption and carbon emissions with our platform and people.

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Our Clients

We want to ensure that as stewards of critical natural resources, we enable our client's own goals through real-time energy transparency. The ability to now enable new operating models for hyper-scale customers and balance their workloads across diverse clean energy sources is a key advantage.

Nic Bustamonte

Nic Bustamante

Senior Vice President at Corscale
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Supporting ESCOs on their journey to net zero.

Lead the way with a new standard for net zero.