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Net zero has a new standard
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Aiding consultants in achieving net zero goals for clients.

A true end-to-end solution, NZero streamlines data collection, validation and quality assurance, powering the work and scaling the value of leading experts in the industry. 


Better data, accurate forecasting and greater impact for your clients and the planet.

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From benchmarking to providing a clear view of emissions across scopes, from speeding up common tasks to providing the support for future roadmaps and abatement solutions, NZero’s comprehensive and customizable platform helps consulting practices maintain their competitive advantage in the market.

The carbon accounting industry still manually aggregates data and calculates emissions using outdated averages, yielding error rates of more than 25%. In fact, many climate programs lack the data granularity necessary to achieve and verify reductions in carbon emissions. 

NZero automates the ingestion of energy consumption data by the hour, by asset, then enriches and standardizes it to bring emissions and costs across an entire building portfolio seamlessly into view.

Without time-of-use cost and emissions calculations, recommendations and intervention strategies may not deliver against the cost or carbon emissions reductions goals your clients and their stakeholders expect.

Powered by AI and machine learning, NZero’s platform uses advanced algorithms and proprietary simulation methods that when combined with better data produce retrofit effect predictions more accurately than anything else on the market. 

At no additional cost, NZero pulls Scopes 1-3 emissions data compliant with the most stringent standards. Get ahead of client’s climate disclosures, public reporting and budget requests by exporting data in just one click.

For additional support and stakeholder management, our team of environmental, data and policy experts partner with you every step of the way to help ensure data accuracy and collaborate on the solutions that optimize priorities and pledges.

What You Can Expect
Craft a world-class climate initiative with a technology partner that delivers the most accurate, scalable and cost-effective forecasts on the market today.
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Our Clients

Accurate, actionable data is the cornerstone of any credible climate strategy. Through partnerships like this, organizations have a more seamless decarbonization journey that bridges NZero's powerful emission profile insights with 3Degrees' products and services—making it easier for businesses to take urgent action on climate change.

Scott Martin

Scott Martin

Head of Global Commercial Business, 3Degrees
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Transforming Data into Direction

There is an opportunity cost for relying on dated, inaccurate data collection and analysis. Read how NZero enhances and accelerates the work of sustainability professionals to meet a growing market and a rapidly changing environment.

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